FM Radio

The six FM radio stations of WLT are owned and operated by their respective originating stations. The translator licenses are granted to the station owners. These radio stations have affirmed their commitment to serving the Florence community by becoming User Members of West Lane Translator, Inc, and they share equally in the ongoing costs associated with keeping the WLT facilities operational.

Our FM radio stations providing programming are listed in the table below in order of their Florence frequencies. Clicking on a Station will take you to more detailed information (including contact information) about it further down the page.


KLCC/KLFO 88.1 MHz 89.7 MHz Public Radio from Lane Community College
KXCR 90.7 MHz - Florence community station
KWAX/KWVZ 91.5 MHz 91.1 MHz Classical Music Programming from the University of Oregon
KQFE 92.5 MHz 88.9 MHz Family Stations Christian broadcasting
KODZ 95.3 MHz 99.1 MHz Oldies 99
KKNU 100.9 MHz 93.3 MHz New Country 93

Translator Call Sign: KLFO
Florence Frequency: 88.1 MHz
Eugene Frequency: 89.7 MHz
Output Power: 250 Watts E.R.P.
Programming: National Public Radio network
Local news and features
Eclectic music selection
Licensee: Lane Community College
Address: KLCC Radio
136 W 8th Ave
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Telephone: Announcer Line: 541-463-5522
News Line: 541-463-6022
Business Office: 541-463-6000

Station Call Sign: KXCR
Florence Frequency: 90.7 MHz
Output Power: 900 Watts E.R.P.
Programming: Florence community news and public affairs
Licensee: KXCR Community Radio Partners
Address: KXCR Radio
1509 9th Street
Florence, Oregon 97439
Telephone: Business Office: 541-997-5252

KXCR Community Radio Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Oregon corporation formed in February 2012 to provide financial, programming and volunteer support to the non-commercial, educational FM radio station KXCR.

The physical location of the broadcast studio is 1509 9th Street, across the street from the Siuslaw Library. The station commenced broadcasting on April 20, 2014.

Translator Call Sign: KWVZ
Florence Frequency: 91.5 MHz
Eugene Frequency: 91.1 MHz
Output Power: 150 Watts E.R.P.
Programming: Classical Music
Fine arts news and features
Licensee: University of Oregon
Address: KWAX Radio
75 Centennial Loop
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Telephone: Business Office: 541-345-0800
Toll Free: 800-422-4301

Translator Call Sign: K223AO
Florence Frequency: 92.5 MHz
Eugene Frequency: 88.9 MHz
Output Power: 50 Watts E.R.P.
Programming: Christian music and features
Licensee: Family Stations Inc.
Address: Family Stations Inc
4135 Northgate Boulevard #1
Sacramento, CA 95834
Telephone: Business Office: 800-543-1495

Translator Call Sign: K237EC
Florence Frequency: 95.3 MHz
Eugene Frequency: 99.1 MHz
Output Power: 25 Watts E.R.P.
Programming: Classic Hits
Licensee: Bicoastal Media LLC
Address: KOOL 99.1
1500 Valley River Dr. Suite 350
Eugene, OR 97401
Telephone: Announcer Line: 541-284-7599
Business Office: 541-284-3600

Translator Call Sign: K265AB
Florence Frequency: 100.9 MHz
Eugene Frequency: 93.3 MHz
Output Power: 240 Watts E.R.P.
Programming: New Country Music
Licensee: McKenzie River Broadcasting
Address: McKenzie River Broadcasting
925 Country Club Road Suite 200
Eugene, Oregon 97401-2297
Telephone: Business Office: 541-484-9400