West Lane Translator welcomes your support!


One Year Lifetime
A One-Year Membership costs just $10 and entitles you to voting privileges at the annual meeting. Lifetime Membership is available for $75. It grants you full membership privileges and our eternal gratitude.

Membership conditions and rights are described in the Regular Voting Members section of the WLT bylaws.

Membership also includes a quarterly e-newsletter detailing our volunteer efforts to maintain your access to free, quality on-air broadcasting from eleven television and radio broadcasters on our towers.

West Lane Translator is a “membership” nonprofit – your vote is the keystone – you can vote annually for Board members. You will receive email alerts of our open public meetings.


The amount you donate is up to you.

All proceeds are applied to the operation of the translator facilities, none of our administration is paid staff.

Please remit donations or membership via US Postal Mail to our mailing address:

West Lane Translator
P.O. Box 91
Florence, Oregon 97439

Be sure to include your name and mailing address if it is not indicated on your payment method (money order, etc.)

Please note that donations or memberships sent to West Lane Translator will be applied to West Lane Translator, Inc. If you are interested in supporting the non-profit radio station KXCR, you may do so by visiting the KXCR website.

As WLT is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation, your contributions are not tax deductible, but they do help us to keep the free, over-the-air programming coming. The Officers and Board of Directors serve on a volunteer basis, there are no paid staff members. Professional services such as accounting, legal advice, and engineering are paid modestly on an hourly basis when needed. You can be sure that your contribution will go directly to the necessary expenses of keeping entertainment, news, and public safety information flowing into the West Lane County airwaves.